2D Assassin walkthrough

1 Pick up a piece of rubble (the lowest part)
2 Go to the planks for the window and take the upper left plank
3 Use the piece of wood to get the blind from the window down
4 Take the briefcase (next to Miss Halloways)
5 Take the hairpin from Miss Halloways
6 Use the hairpin in the lock of the toolbox
7 Use the piece of rubble to smash the lock of the toolbox
8 Open the toolbox and take the hammer
9 Use the hammer to pull the lowest plank from the window loose
10 Open guitar case and take the rifle and bullets
11 Use the bullets on the rifle to load it
12 Use the broken hairclip on the briefcase.
13 Use piece of wood on the smoke detector and pick it up
14 Open the smoke detector (hold down the left mouse button when clicking on the smoke detector in your inventory
15 Use batteries on torch
16 Use the torch on the hole
17 Use your hammer on the hole
18 Use the plank with nail to get the camera
19 Use the camera on the left window
20 Pick up the photo on the floor
21 Examine the photo in your inventory
22 Remember where the sniper is
23 Finally take your rifle and shoot ;)