The 3 Wish game series now has five different games. Below you can see the screenshot and name of each game.
To play one of the games, click on one of the titles below.

3wish: Hamster rescue

3wish Hamster rescue
Help the hamster get out of his cage using the objects in the room. Sometimes you have to combine the objects together in the inventory to make a new object. Get to the inventory by clicking on the hamster. Combine two objects in the inventory by clicking on one object and then the other. The walkthrough for Hamster rescue has all the difficult vocabulary annotated. To see a picture of the vocabulary the student clicks on the word and is taken to a new page with a picture/ pictures of the object. They have to click on the green 'back' arrow in the toolbar at the top left of the page to return to the walkthrough.

Click here for the walkthrough and here for information on how to use a crossword to pre-teach the vocabulary.

3wish: Part 1

3wish part 1
A boy has been kidnapped by aliens. help him escape from their spaceship. Do this by clicking on various objects in the room which will help him to escape.

3wish: Part 2

3wish part 2
A boy has been captured by aliens and locked in a room. Help him escape.

3wish: Part 3

3wish part 3
A boy is trapped in a room with a monster. Help him escape.

3wish: Part 4

3wish part 4
A boy is trapped with some dangerous plants. Help him escape.