3wish Part 2

1. At the bottom left corner of the screen is a console. It has two buttons on it. Click on it and return to the middle platform. If you look to the left of the platform you will see a slot in the ground for the platform. Click this slot to insert the console.
2. Next, pick up the red plant in the open glass cylinder. Click the freezer to the right of where you picked him up to shove him in it. Click the plant’s mouth to get a fuse shaped item. Put it into the slot in the console.
3. You can now turn into any of the creatures in the glass cylinders (except the plant you froze and the one in the tank). Click the second creature from the left to morph into it. At the top right corner of the screen (just above the freezer) you will see some more cables. Click them to make the creature climb up the wall and fix it. This will turn the big computer on.
4. Click the creature to turn back into the boy and then into the big green turd like one (third from the left). Now click on the coat hanger shaped thing at the bottom resulting in it turning circular. Turn back to the kid and then into the spider (first from the left). Click the hanger to web it and make it into a net.
5. Morph into a kid again and click the net. Using the net catch the big fish in the tank to shove him into the glass cylinder where the red plant was. Morph into him and click on the purple disk drive that was in the tank with the big fish. You will automatically turn back into a kid and finally click on the slot connected to the big computer. This will make a platform rise. All that is left to do is click the kid when he goes onto it.