3wish: Part 3

1. Click the metal bar on the floor and go to the chain which is holding the monkey, click the metal loop on the wall which is securing the chain the bar will bend.
2. Give the bar to the monkey and he will trade you for his tool, put the tool onto the roller which is next to the computer, push it up to make the computer come on.
3. Pick up the empty jar which is next to the mutant frog and put it underneath the animal in the glass cage.
4. Go back to the frog and pull out the pipe which is in the pink socket, click the broken pipe above the monkey’s head and he will use the pipe to fix it.
5. Go to the animal in the glass cage, take the jar containing the flea and put it into the cupboard next to the computer. Push red button.
6. Click the 3 jars which are next to the frog, make purple. To do this, click red, blue, yellow and blue.
7. Put the jar onto the pink pad which is next to the frog. The frog will now turn purple.
8. Take the frog to the monkey and he will use it as a spray. When he stands up you will notice the large air vent behind him.
9. Once his fleas have jumped out of his fur click on the large air vent and the monkey will open it for you.
10. Click the boy and he slides down.