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I'm very excited about the Teacher Development book 'Digital Play' written by myself with friend and colleague Graham Stanley.
If you are a language teacher interested in using fun playful digital resources (such as online games and digital toys) then you'll love this book.

Here's the cover with some info:

Key features

Digital Play is a pioneering book on the use of
computer games in language teaching, in which
the authors share their expertise in training teachers
in innovative classroom practice with their excitement
for teaching with technology. It offers:

- guidance on taking on the challenge of the digital

- insight into how learners engage with gaming outside
the classroom

- advice and activities for effectively bringing the
world of gaming inside the classroom

You can get more information here at the

DELTA Publishing site


Digital Play contains three distinctive parts which
focus in turn on theory, practice and development:

Part A examines the role of computer games in
society, in education in general and in language
teaching in particular, dismissing stereotypes and
suggesting ways of implementing games with
language learners.

Part B consists of a bank of step-by-step activities
showing how to use digital play in the classroom.
Activities cover different possible classroom
scenarios – from no available technology, through
one computer and a projector to multiple computers –
and they all have the common aim of helping learners
improve their knowledge and use of the foreign
language, covering all four language skills.

Part C shows the teacher how to integrate digital
play activities into the wider environment of the
syllabus and the school, and suggests ways of
developing personally and professionally as teachers
of the 21st century.

Using online games for English language learning can be fun, free and formative.



101 Ways (and more) To Use Samorost 2


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Screen Shot 2016-01-19 at 21.42.52.png

Complete A- Z list of games.
Contains links to play the game
and read or watch the walkthrough.

Blogs providing TEFL lesson plans, articles and
materials for using gaming in the classroom.

Over 101 ways to use the online game Samorost 2
for language learning. Activities cover:
  • reading
  • listening
  • reading
  • writing
  • grammar
  • vocabulary


Levels and grammar



How to use walkthroughs (gaming text).

Search for video gaming activities by learner
language level or grammar area.

Listening, writing, speaking & reading activities






Online games aimed at language learning.
Gamer websites for adapting.

Online text heavy games for higher
level language learners.

Books published about gaming and
education as well as articles published online.

Downloadable Games

Sometimes access to the internet may not
always be reliable or available. You can
download games and either save to a
computer hard drive or burn onto a disc.

Using online games for English language learning can be fun, free and formative.

This is a space for a work in progress containing notes and ideas relating to the adaption of online computer games (free and easily accessible) for English
language teaching/ learning. When I refer to games or computer games, I mean to say online computer games.

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