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external image abarkinthedark.gif

Click here to play the game.
Click Walkthrough for the instructions on how to complete the game.

Point and click game where you collect items, solve the problems and feed the dog.

This game is best done with the walkthrough because it is probably too difficult to do without one. This is in our favour because it means the student has to read the walkthrough in order to complete the game.


1 computer for each student. If your students are in a computer room and you are lucky enough for your students to have a computer each then ask them to open to internet explorer pages. On one page they will play the game. On the second page they have the walkthrough. They refer to the walkthrough to complete the game. The winner s the student who can complete the walkthrough in the quickest time.


1 computer for each student. Print of a copy of the walkthrough and use this to tell the students how to play the game. The advantage of this method is that all students work at the same speed. Also any language problems students may have with the text can be dealt with immediately by either asking other students to help define/ or paraphrase the walkthrough instructions. Furthermore it is easy for the teacher to get feedback on students progress by simply looking at the computer screens of their students. All screns should show the same image if they are following your guidance.

Relay dictation

Print the walkthrough and pin it to a wall in a computer room.
OR have the walkthough on the screen of the teachers computer or a single centrally placed computer.

1 computer for 2 students. On e student gets up goes and reads part of the walkthrough and then returns to their partner who they relay the information from the walkthrough to. The student playing the game listens to their partner relay the walkthrough to them and they play the game. After five minutes or so the students swap roles.