Name: Kyle Mawer
Nationality: British


Digital Play: Computer Games and Language Aims by Mawer, K & Stanley, G.
DELTA Teaching Development Series (DELTA Publishing), Sept. 2011.


Parent's Meetings, Kyle Mawer May 2014

Innovation in Education, Kyle Mawer March 2014

Online Safety With Young Learner Kyle Mawer February 2014

Video Games The Media Of The Future DELTA Publishing Blog Tuesday 3 May 2011

Fear & Addiction In Computer Gaming DELTA Blog. Tuesday 12 April

6 Computer Games To Use In An English Language Classroom Lindsay Clandfield '6 things' blog April 2010

Language Learners & Computer Games: From Space Invaders to Second Life TESL - EJ Volume 11, Nº4 March 2008
A Practical look at how video games are changing a generation of learners and how educators are adapting.

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Digital Play
Level graded lesson plans.
Downloadable materials & resources.
News events and guest bloggers.

101 Ways (and more) to use Samorost 2
Level graded lesson plans.
Downloadable materials and resources.

Sourced online games
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Using Video games & toys in the classroom
Curated webpage

ELT Digital Play
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Digital Games Teaching and Language Learning
Podcasts on use of video games in the EFL classroom.

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TESOL-SPAIN Barcelona Regional, UAB Idiomes May 2014
Image Conference
Video Games & Visual Graphics

Macmillan Teacher's Day, March 2014
Digital Play & Language Learning

Teaching the Screenage Generation, Madrid Feb 2014
British Council Seminar

IH Conference, Barcelona February 2013
Play to Learn

IATEFL Conference, Glasgow ‘12
Digital Game Based Tasks

IATEFL Conference, Brighton ‘11
Digital Game Based Tasks

IATEFL Conference, Harrogate ‘10
Computer Gaming To Learn

IATEFL Conference, Cardiff ‘09
The English Teachers' Guide To Computer Games

20 Second Lives - Pecha Kucha event
Slide Presentation
Video From 22mins 30 secs

IATEFL Conference, Exeter Tuesday April ‘08
Adapting free online flash games to language learning

IATEFL Conferrence, Aberdeen, April '07
Language Learners & Computer Games: From Space Invaders to Second Life

Learning Technologies SIG, Milan 28 November 2007
Teenage learners and Second Life: British Council Isle project

ELT Conference, Barcelona 29 September 2007
Adapting free online flash games to language learning

ETP Live!, English Teacher Professional 20 - 22 Sept '07
Pecha Kucha presentations. What is Secondlife?, Education in Secondlife, The British Council Isle Secondlife project.
Alternate Reality Games.

Professional Teacher Development Course, International House Barcelona 19 July '07
How to use Powerpoint to motivate students
Using IWBs and finding internet resources
A brief introduction to Secondlife and its potential as an educational tool.

Best Practices in Education, Secondlife 25 May ‘07
· Secondlife and teenagers: Learner Autonomy for the digital natives.

WIAOC, Webheads In Action Online Convergence, Learning Times 18 May ‘07
· Language learners and computer games: space invaders to second life

IATEFL Conference, Aberdeen 19 April ‘07
· Language learners and computer games: space invaders to second life”

APAC –ELT Convention, Barcelona 23 Febuary ‘07
· Language learners and computer games: space invaders to second life


BRITISH COUNCIL, C/ Vendrell 1, Barcelona. October '03 - Present day
· Project officer on British council Isle Secondlife project
· Teacher trainer on adapting online computer games for the classroom.
· On-Site and Off-site Young Learners.
· Primary, Junior and Senior exam classes.
· Off-site business classes.
· On-Site and Off-site substitutions for Young Learners & Adults.
· FCE & CAE Cambridge Oral Examiner.

ESEC, ESCUELA SUPERIOR EUROPEA DE COMERCIO, Francesc Cambó 10 ’05 - Present day
· Young adult business/ general English course.

ESCOLA OFICIAL D’IDIOMES – Vall de Hebron, Avenguda Jordà, 18. July ‘04/ ‘05/ ‘06
· Adult summer intensive course. Level 5 Advanced.

A.P.A. BADIRI REIXAC, C/ Olot s/n (Parc Guell), Barcelona. Oct. ‘04 – July ‘06
· P4 – 6º Young Learner communicative course.

MERIT OUTSOURCING SL, Paseo Maragall, 161 Entlo. 6 October '00 – July ‘06
· Adults, exam classes, examining.
· Young learners in academy. Junior, Senior and Adults.

BRITISH COUNCIL, 3 Supreme Court Rd, Hong Kong. Summer Intensive ‘03/ '04/ ‘05
· Young learners' summer school.
· Beginner to intermediate.

UPC, Plaça Eusebi Güell 6, 08034 Barcelona . 6 January '00 – July ‘04
· General English to university students.
· Level testing. Exam preparation. Intensive courses.
· Multimedia consultant and coordinator at EUETIB.

LINGUARAMA SA, Gran Via Carlos III 98, 2º. 29 January '01 - April '01
· Business English to adults in academy.
· 1 to 1 and groups. Beginners to Upper-Intermediate.

EUROLOG IDIOMAS SL, Plaça Lesseps 4, 08023 Barcelona. October '98 - 24 July '00
· Business & General English to adults in-company & academy.
· Beginner to Advanced
· Young learners and young adults.
· Level testing. Exam preparation. Intensive Summer courses.

LANGAGE, Enrique Granados 149, Barcelona. October 1998 - June 1999
· Business & General English to adults in-company & academy.
· Beginners to Intermediate.

GLOBE ENGLISH CENTRE, 31, St. David's Hill, Exeter, England. Summer course '98
· Young adult 2 month summer course programme.
· Pre-Intermediate to Upper intermediate.
· Extra curricular activities which included weekend excursions
· Input at training sessions and 15 hours teaching a week.

KEY LANGUAGE SERVICES C/Foch 635, Quito, Ecuador. July 1997 - March 1998
· Business & General English to adults in-company.
· Basic to Advanced.
· Developing teaching resources, CALL, social events organiser.

BEC, University of Glamorgan, Pontypridd, Wales. Summer 1996
· Intensive course to lower and upper intermediate scholarship students aged 16 – 18.
· Computer Assisted Language Learning course of 16 students.

TRAINING SOLUTIONS, C/ Comte d’urgell 240, Barcelona. Oct. ’94 – June ‘96
· Business & General English to adults in-company & academy.
· Beginner to Advanced.
· Level testing. Exam preparation. Intensive Summer courses.


IHEC & UVT BUSINESS COURSE, Tunisia April - May 2011

TESL ARABIA, Cairo March 2011

AVALON, London
· FCE Speaking skills course.
· Technical support.
· Materials development & participants' assessment.

· Design downloadable material support.
· Design and build virtual learning quest content.
· In-world presentations, tours and classes.


IELTS Clerical Marker 2013 - Present Day
Cambridge FCE/CAE oral examiner ’04 – Present day


ABB, Atrapalo, Avia, Banco Vitalicio, Bayer, Bristol Mayer Squibb, Consorcio, Generalitat de Cataluña (STAF), Gestmusic Endemol, IBM, Menta, Pirelli, Price Waterhouse, Winterthur.


Cambridge RSA/ DELTA International House, Barcelona Dec. ‘03
RSA Certificate in TEFL International House, Barcelona Jan. ‘94
BA Hons Sociology 2:2 Manchester Polytechnic ’88 – ‘91