This is not really a walkthrough. They are notes on some of the difficult areas in the game. Only use them when you have to. If what you need to help you is not here, try looking on this page or posting a call for help:

When you get to the hotel room:

All of them are hidden underneath the Aten Symbol. It is a circle with rays coming from it to form a triangular shape. If you MUST know the EXACT location of these pieces... Episode 1) In the hotel room, there is a table with a book on it. Check the stool sitting right beside it to the left. :) You should see the famed Aten symbol.Episode 2) Right before entering the antique shop, there is a poster with the Aten symbol on it.Episode 3) At the ruined campground site, at the very far left, there are ruins that have the rays of the Aten symbol on them. :) Clicky!Episode 4) On the newspaper, on the left hand page, there is an Aten symbol.

The code to open the safe is 2142

the slider puzzle is pretty easy.
theres little dots in the corner and when you hold down the left mouse button the tile shakes and lifts up so you can move it anywhere on the board

Also, for those who are having trouble with the "naming the gods" part: Third row, right columnFirst row, right columnLast row, right columnLast row, middle columnSecond row, middle columnFirst row, middle comumn

I managed to complete the maze in the first attempt by doing this:

Go down and right as long as you can, then go up as far as you can and left if you must.

this is the order and combination of those freak symbols when the dude's dying.
the first one's one square above the bottom right the second one's top right the third one's bottom right the fourth one's middle bottom the fifth one's one square below the top middle the last (sixth) one is top middle