Links to online video captures on the theme of the role of gaming in education.

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The Sims teach German
Video discussing how to use the PC game 'The Sims' to teach language, in this case German. Methodology easily applicable to an English language learning environment.

A tour of Thomson NETg in Second Life
A full tour of how NETg operates in second life. It shows the live classroom, video and audio casts and club NETg.


A Scottish learning programme that is successfully using video games with young learners to boost learning potential.

Using Google Earth in the foreign language classroom
A video essay suggesting possible applications for the use of Google Earth in the language learning environment.

Games Theory
A middle school that is using video games to teach its students.

Gaming and the Economy
CNBC speaks with Robert Kotick, the Chief executive of Activision, about the gaming industry.

Grand Theft Childhood: Video Game Violence
Most of us assume violent video games can negatively affect children and their behavior. After a multi-year, multi-million dollar study, Dr. Cheryl K. Olson, Sc.D. Co-Director for The Center for Mental Health and Media at Massachusetts General Hospital Department of Psychiatry speaks about the findings.

How to learn languages by playing computer games
Play role playing games by squaresoft and other companies to learn languages online free.

Photographer Robbie Cooper shows just how focused young video-game players can be.

Making a League
Angel Munoz, the founder of the Cyberathlete Professional League, talks about the state of professional video gaming.

Manny Calavera teaches Spanish
Overview of how adventure video games can be modified to be used in foreign language education. Demonstrates an example mixing the Spanish version of the game "Grim Fandango.

Pay Attention
Since most of today's students can appropriately be labeled as "Digital Learners", why do so many teachers refuse to enter the digital age with their teaching practices.

Language Learners and computer games
Slideshow presented at IATEFL by Kyle Mawer and Graham Stanley entitled 'Computer games and language learners: From space invaders to Secondlife'.

A 3D video game based on task based learning that is principally aimed at native American languages.

Understanding your child's gaming habit
his video is about understanding a person's gaming habit, primarily aimed towards the parents of gaming children. Subjects Covered Include: - The origins of violent video games - Why people play these games - What signs a parent needs to look out for a possible addiction. - How to deal with it

Video Games Go Pro: The Shoutcasters
Gabriel David, a play-by-play announcer in the gaming world discusses how he and other shoutcasters try to breakdown the game while commentating for viewers.