Puzzle games

These games tend to be quite abstract and typically involve arranging geometric forms to achieve a goal (e.g. Tetris). Puzzles usually involve solving rather simple problems. Problem solving games generally test a players awareness of patterns and/ or short term memory. Reaction speeds are not usually put to the test with the emphasis being more on solving a puzzle presented on the screen. However as games have evolved they have taken on more challenging elements and now a lot of puzzle games do introduce a time limit to increase appeal, sustain gaming interest and increase the challenge. Language generated tends to be isolated to individual language items such as object vocabulary and instructions.

"Puzzle games usually strive to have a pick-up-and-play accessibility to them and to have an addictive quality". (wikipedia)

5 Spots game

Spot the difference between the two pictures. Similar games.

Addition & Subtraction

Game to practice numbers using maths.

Alphabet jungle

spell as many words as possible in the time limit before they get boiled in the pot.


Spell as many words as possible from the letters.

Book Worm


Click on adjoining letters to spell words and win points.

Flip words

external image flip-words_1.jpg
Make words with the letters which then flip to give you new letters. As you gan points a phrase is revealed letter by letter at the top. Win extra points by making long words or guessing the phrase.

Fowl words

Unscamble the letters on the chickens to spell words. Lesson plan.


Test your knowledge of different countries. Click on the title above to view tests on Australia, Canada, Central America, Europe, Middle East, South America and the United States.

Math Mountain

Move up the mountain by answering maths questions and reach the top before your opponent. Play the computer or other team.

Scrabble Blast

external image ScrabbleBlast2-main_Full.jpg
Cross between tetris and scrabble. If you've played book worm you'll spot the influence.

Spot the difference

Spot the differences. Good for high levels using descriptive language.


A musical arcade game which is a cross between Tetris and simon says. Lesson plan.

Text Twist

external image super_text_twist_big1.jpg
Make as many words as possible from the letters. Words have to be a minimum of three letters.