Here are a couple of ways to play the game:
Mr. Weed
If you run away from Mr. Weed, you'll die from running into the door.If you wake Mr. Weed, you'll be ok.If you catch the paper, you'll get a deadly paper cut.Catch the paper.
The Stairs1. If you take the stairs to the West a witch will kill you.2. If you take the stairs to the East and jump down all the stairs, you'll hit your head and die.3. If you take them slowly, you'll be ok. If you then take the main stairs you'll slide on the bannister and fly out of the window.
The Hallway
1. If you get some water, the Sewage pipe bursts all over you.2. If you get some chips, the machine will tip over onto you.
3. If you got to the gym you'll realise you arrived at school too early.