Dressing the Part
To go anywhere you need to put your boots on.
Talk to your undead Salt-Water Piranha pet called Fluffy.
Can you see the dead cow next to him? Remember that.
Talk to him until he gives you your boot he's chewing. You now have your left boot.
Go over to the right and try and pick up the boot there. You need to find a shell.
Pick up the yellow shell on the ground to the left.
Open your inventory and give the shell to the hermit crab in your boot. You've now got your right boot.
Walk to the right to "The Great Deep" and watch the mermaid on the whale chase the giant squid.

The Right Hat
Go over to the "Ship Ahoy" place (yellow up arrow on the right). There's a shipwrecked pirate's boat there.
Talk to Fry Boater. He wants you to put your hat on (or something that looks like it)..
Pick up one of the cannonballs on the ground below Fry Boater.
There are some maps sticking out of a hole in the boat. One of them has fallen on the ground. Pick that one up too!
Then walk forwards and pick up the bell on the ground.
Go back to the last place you were at. The last screen. Then go right to the 'shell sweet shell' place.
You can see Fluffy. Do you remember what I asked you to remember earlier?
Fluffy has eaten most of the cow. Go and pick up the beef ribs.
Now you've got a hat go back to Fry Boyter.
Talk to him and he'll give you a proper hat.

Talking to Finny
Go back a screen and then carry on going left and over to 'Tentacle gorge'.
Keep on going past the giant squid to 'The imprisoned Beauty'.
Remember where the jail window is (it's above your head).
There is someone in there - see if they will talk to you.
Walk on to the right to the dead whale (it's not really dead - it's still breathing!).
Talk to the whale. See if you can learn some of his language.
Now find out about the mermaid.
Now you know the mermaid's name go back to the jail window and see if the prisoner will talk to you.
Now try having a drink from the bottle in your inventory. Does that help? Try talking to her now.
Go and find Fluffy (your pet piranha).
Talk to him and get him to give you a big hug.
You now smell of fish so you can go back and talk to the mermaid.

How I Sank the Ribcage
Before you go back to the mermaid go to the screen on the right of Fry Boyter - it's called 'Fellowship of the Rum'.
Talk to McGonagall - he's the third pirate just behind the chef.
He knows a poem about what happened to your ship. You need to understand it for when you talk to the mermaid.
When you've got it head back to the mermaid.
Tell her about what happened. The poem has told you more or less.
If you give her the right answers she'll give you a page from the diary.
Find a nice quiet place where you can read it. Does it tell you anything?

Talking to Gunner
Go back to the three pirates again and use a bit of the Whelish you learnt from the whale.
Get one of his cigars.
Now go back to 'Tentacle Gorge' and use the lit cigar on one of the giant squid's tentacles.
Try and ring the door bell. What happens? (it breaks and ends up in your inventory).
Go into the 'Kraken's cave'.

The Other Diary Pages
Find where the evil Kraken is and stand by it.
Now get the diary page from your inventory and give it to him.
This isn't quite enough to make him let the mermaid go.
Go back to where the whale is.
Attach the rope you got from the doorbell to the harpoon in the side of the whale.
What happens?
There's a jacket on the floor pick that up and you'll put it on. You've got to look your best for the mermaid.
Now go and look under the whale's tail.
There's another diary entry so pick it up.
Don't go back to the 'Kraken's cave' yet.
Go back to the three pirates and talk to a new pirate who's appeared on the far right. he's the quartermaster.
Try talking to him.
Basically he won't let you have the treasure he's guarding until you give him some other treasure.
Go back a couple of screens and find the big clam.
Try and get the pearl from it.
Try looking in your inventory. What can you use?
Get the cannonball out and use it on the big clam. What did you do?
Go and give the pearl to the quartermaster.
Talk to him and then have a look at the treasure. you should have another page of the diary in your inventory. Have you?
Before you leave get some jewelry from the treasure chest.

Freeing Finny
Find your way back to the Kraken's cave and give him all the pieces of paper.
Talk to him and find out why he won't release the mermaid.
Find where the key is. How do you think you can get it?
Take the electric eel from out of its tank.
Use the electric eel on the puffer fish.
Open Finny's jail door with the key.

Recruiting Finny
Talk to her.
Then give her the map you picked up from the shipwrecked pirate boat.
When you find yourself back at the shipwreck carry on talking to Finny. What do you need to do? Any ideas how?
Go back to the Kraken's cave and take the electric eel out from your inventory.
Use the electric eel on the strange bacteria under the microscope.
When it's changed colour pick it up.
Go to the whale and put the strange bacteria on the hole in its side. What happens? It's a miracle!
Go back and talk to Finny.

Did you enjoy it?