1. Walk up to the woman sitting behind the desk at reception.
2. Tell her you have an appointment and that your name is Miss Webb, and no, you don't have a permit
3. Walk over to the lift. Look in your inventory by clicking on it (it's the tab sticking down on the left hand side) and dragging it down.
4. Use the security card on the card-slider-thingy next to the lift.
5. Walk into the lift.
6. When you walk out of the lift on the next floor go into the first door on the left. Go up to the woman there and talk to her.
7. Remember when you speak to her that you are going on a trip that afternoon. She'll ask you to do something for her and you should be as helpful as possible and do what she says.
8. Go back out. Find out what the guy in the blue overalls is doing..
9. walk on down the corridor and turn left at the end. You'll see a paper on a round blue table. Go over to the table and read it. I there anything you need to remember there?
10. Follow the corridor round the corner and keep going until you get to the end.
11. At the end of the corridor go into the room on the right. You'll bump into Mr. Faber. Go over and talk to him.
12. He should be able to help you find professor Svanstroem.
13. Leave the room and go across to the room opposite on the left at the end of the corridor.
14. Walk on over to the desk. Read the book. What's it about? After you've read that look at the paper with the schematics on. What kind of machine is it? Pick up the mobile which is lying on the table (click to magnify, then click the hand icon on the bottom right to put it in your inventory)
15. Go back to the room across the corridor and talk to Mr. Faber again. Remember that in America they call a mobile a cellphone.
16. Go to the lift. The man in blue should have gone by now. Swipe your security card on the card reader there and go down in the lift.
17. Approach the woman .
sitting at reception behind the desk. She's the one you first spoke to. Talk to her. She'll tell you you need to ring someone.
18. Pull your mobile out and hold it in your hand.
19. On the mobile screen you'll see a phonebook icon. Open that to get a list of people in the mobile address book. Click on Davis Richard E. Then press the green phone-button to call. Listen what he has to say.
20. Leave the building and walk out into the street. Turn left and go past the plant on the corner.
21. Cross the street and keep going right until you see an old man sitting on a bench who's reading a newspaper. Talk to him.
22. Be nice to him and tell him he looks familiar. Say "Excuse me?", twice and ask him who he is. Excuse me, but who are you really?", and find out if he knows anyone who works at the research place.
23. Carry on walking in the ame direction you set off in. Turn down the street with the busker playing the saxaphone. Don't walk past him. Go past the taxi rank and walk on until you see a young man in white shirt who is standing next to a silver car. Talk to him.
24. Find out who he is and then when he says he he knows you are looking for someone ask him "Why do you think I might be looking for someone?"
25. He'll hand you a pen drive. Takeit from him.
26. Walk left until you get to a small street where there's a small stone wall with railings on top. Down the street you can see a red poster. Walk down the road and a woman looking through some clothes will talk to you.
27. Answer her questions: "Yes, do you know him?", then "Why wouldn't I?", then pick either choice for the last part (doesn't matter ).
28. Go back up the small street and turn left until you see a man sitting on a bench listening to some music on his headphones. Talk to him.
29. Remember that old man sitting on the bench reading the newspaper? Go back to that old man and talk to him.
30. Find out what his name is and what his job is. Find out if he knows a Mrs Petrovitj.
31. Walk away and keep going until you can no longer see the old man.
32. Turn around and go back to the old man's bench. You'll see that he's gone. Walk on over to the bench and pick the money up.
33. Find the busker and drop the money in his saxophone case (that sitting open on the ground next to him)
34. He'll offer you tickets to see him at a concert. Say, "That's nice of you. I'll do that" and take the ticket.
35. Now go to the taxi rank and press the button to call a taxi.
36. When the taxi arrives, you'll want to go to the airport.
37. On the board for the departure schedules, choose the one for San Francisco.
38. In the hotel, go up to the man standing at the hotel reception desk.
39. Tell him you'd like the key to your room. You're staying in room 124. Tell him your name and then take the key.
40. Down to the left of the receptionist desk there is a man sitting on the chairs at the back reading a newspaper.
41. Tell him your name and try and get his name. Remember you are not here on business.
42. Walk off and then turn round and walk back to him. Talk to him again. Doesn't matter which answer you give. Take the photo he gives you.
43. Go back to the receptionist again and ask for city map and directions.
44. Go over to the lifts and press the lift button and get in.
45. When lift stops walk out and turn right. Keep going until you see the cleaning lady at the end of the hotel corridor. Talk to her.
46. Tell her your room number and then go and look for him.
48. Use your key to get in.
49. Once you are inside your hotel room. Go into the bathroom. Look out behind you!