"Let's find this treasure", she said.
She took the pick axe from the boat and looked around. She knew there were hidden clues on the island that would tell her where the treasure was buried. She had to look hard and find them. It wasn't long before she found the first one. Near the boat and to the left there were some rocks. Big green leaves grew over them. Pushing back one of the leaves she found a strange symbol that looked like a strange drawing of the letter E. Strangely, on a rock opposite, there was the same symbol.

She walked on leaving the beach behind her and came to a strange stone totem pole. The totem pole had strange letters on it. Letters that looked just like the one she had seen on the rocks on the beach. Leaning against the totem pole there was a spade. She didn't know who had left it there but she picked it up. If she was looking for buried treasure she would probably need a spade to dig the treasure up. As she picked it up she noticed another letter at the base of the totem pole. She noticed it was loose and so reached down, took it up and put it in her bag.

She walked on looking for more clues. She came to five rocks with more strange letters on. "The polished surface seems to reflect the light," she thought. She knew that must be important. She would need some light first. She went back to the totem pole and looked around. The sun shone down through the trees but the rocks stood in the shade of a dark brown tree. She would have to move the branches so that the sun could shine through. In a light brown tree behind the totem pole she saw some rope. She took it down and tied it onto the branches of the dark brown tree and the sun shone down. Nothing happened. If only she had a mirror.

She went back to the beach and taking the spade she began to explore the beach. It wasn't long before she found something under a mound of sand. "I have found a mirror," she said. She took the mirror back to the dark brown tree and placed the mirror at the bottom. The sun shone down through the tree branch, hit the mirror and was reflected up onto the top of the totem pole. Still nothing happened. She went back to the five rocks again. She looked around for some clues. Below the stone that had the letter G on it and behind a green leaf there was a strange letter. The strange letter looked like the two on the beach. She reached down and picked the letter up. She went back to the beach and using the pick axe she picked up the two other letters. She realised that the letters looked like the symbols on the five rocks. Going back to the rocks she also realised that the letters could be put on the rocks in the spaces. She placed the letters she had collected on the rocks. There was a strange sound but still nothing happened. She looked around and saw that one of the rocks was without a letter. Somewhere there had to be another letter. She looked around the rocks but there was nothing. She looked around the totem pole and still there was nothing. She went down to the beach and looking around the sand she finally found a small stone in the sand. She reached down and picked up the last letter.

Back at the rocks she placed the final letter on the last rock. A strange symbol appeared on the ground. Taking the spade she dug on the spot where the strange symbol lay.

She dug a hole and soon enough she found a treasure chest. It was locked. When the treasure chest stood on the ground behind her she saw that there was a lid at the bottom. She took it out and went back to the totem pole and placed the lid in a round hole on the side of the statue. A key appeared through the left eye of the statue. It was the key to the treasure chest. She had done it!