Walk to the left and pick up the ladder.
Put the ladder against the tree up to the tree house and climb up. Talk to tommy.
Pick up the pink cassete that's in the basket.

Pick up the black cassette that is with the kitchen utensils.

Get a piece of glass from the wind chime.

Go to the desk and play the pink cassette until the toucan falls down.

Go down and get the toucan to cut the branch down.

Go back up to the tree house and play the black cassette.

Remember the message “12 squared + 12″ as well as the colored dots on the cassette.

This will ‘wake’ the lion. go down and change the colors of the dots, click its mouth and punch in the password (156).

Pick up the shades, button and the battery.

Then go all the way left and put on the shades you can see the word ‘teleport’.

You’ll need it for later. click the tree stump. this is the hard part.

Click the fern and try to get the beetle on it.

Go right and use the reflection from the glass on the parrot to make it push the fruit.

Then pick it up and head back to the cooking utensils.

Click the vinegar, the handle of the fire and then the kettle.

Place the beetle and the fruit in the bowl and mash it up, give it to tommy.

Type teleport into the speak and spell and pick up the lcd.

Then beat the merman (turn it on first switch on the right – make all of the lights turn on, except the middle), and pick up keypad.

Click the little button on the tv and listen to some monologue, and then the top button from the row on the atari.

Get stRange device from behind the cassette player and place the buttons, battery, lcd, and pad on it.

Then click the usb and plug it into the device.

Move with the outside row of buttons.

Kill the demon things by pushing the middle button, and then a side button to select the direction of the magic bolt thingie, then collect the gold (you’ll need it).

Go inside the castle, and to the person on the left.

Disconnect the device and to to tommy.

Go back to the parrot, and shine the glass on it.

Then go towards the sea.