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"A Theory of Fun"

by Raph Koster

"Beyond Technology: Children's Learning in the Age of Digital Culture"

by David Buckingham

"Computer Games: Text, Narrative and Play"

by Diane Carr (Author), David Buckingham (Author), Andrew Burn (Author), Gareth Schott (Author)

"Digital Game-Based Learning"

by Marc Prensky

Digital Play

by Kyle Mawer & Graham Stanley

"Don't bother me mom I'm learning"

by Marc Prensky

Educational Games Research

Here is a list of journals for videogame and gaming research, with indications as to whether they are print or online, and brief descriptions from their websites.

"How Computer Games Help Children Learn"

by David Williamson Shaffer

"Playing to Learn: Video Games in the Classroom"

by David Hutchison
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Reality is Broken

by Jane Mcgonigal

"What Video Games Have to Teach Us about Learning and Literacy"

by James Paul Gee

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