"Stand alone - Refers to a device that is self-contained, one that does not require any other devices to function" (webopedia)

Games that have a lot of text support and can be adapted for autonomous gaming at a reasonably high level of English. These games usually have a highly narrative nature. Text support can be written and/ or audio, which along with video files or graphics can be quite an engaging and appealing practice in passive skills (reading and listening). Visual imagery linked with language allows the learner to make value judgements on language elements they may not have previously been aware of or have not been exposed enough to have acquired the language element. Visual images provide a context in which these language elements can be better understand their meanings. The language level generally needs to be quite high and various guidelines and autonomous learning strategies need to be laid down by the teacher.


A text based fantasy adventure game based on Dungeons and Dragons, the stories of Tolkien and the Ancient Greek myths.

A Case of the crabs

You are Nick Bounty, a Private Investigator. When a salesman dies in your office with a box of fresh crabs you have to investigate the murder. Walkthrough

Against All Odds

Online text heavy game produced by the UNHCR. Designed to raise awareness of the plight of immigrants from war and conflict to seeking assylum and finally finding a new life in a new country.

Alter Ego


Text adventure game. Go through life all over again starting with infancy and ending with old age. You dictate the course of your life by picking from a series of available choices relevant to various situations in which you find yourself.


Text based adventure where you find yourself castaway on an island and you have to make decisions and try to survive.

Bow Street Runners

The Bow Street Runners were the beginnings of a police force in London. This game is a historically accurate interactive reader murder mystery adventure and some elements may not be a appropriate for younger learners.

Charles' Dickens London


An interactive adventure game set in London in the time of Charles Dickens. Interact with characters from his novels to earn money (shillings) and remain healthy. Lesson plan. Student material. Forum

Crime & Investigation


Interactive flash game which uses video and text heavily. You are a detective and you need to investigate various scenes, interview suspects and analyse the evidence to find out the murderer. Lesson Plan. Student material. Forum

Crucial Crew

Online game aimed at teaching young kids and safety in the street.


Online game with lots of audio supported by speech bubble texts. Walkthrough.

The Dead Zone

Crime investigation game created to promote The Dead Zone, a US TV show based on the characters and story from the best-selling novel by Stephen King. Walkthrough

Detective Grimoire

You play as Private Detective Grimoire himself in the game and you have to figure out who killed Hugh Everton. Lots of reading practice. Walkthrough.

A Fistful of Revenge


An interactive adventure game set in the wild west. Interact with characters from a small western town to find out who killed your brother. Lesson plan. Student material.


Help hewitt find a girl to go to the dance with. Walkthrough

The Hobbit

external image hobbit.jpg
Text based adventure game from ZX Spectrums 1982 releases. Walkthrough.

Hotshot Business

Run a choice of businesses in a town. Read and hear advice, read news stories to help you make your decisions. Forum

Maximum band / Gig
Certificate 15 interactive cartoon where you are the manager of a band. Listen to the scenes (subtitled) and make decisions to decide the band's future.


A parody startegy game where your objective is to make as much money as possible for the corporate bosses. Forum


Sci fi point and click interactive reader. Help the ship's pilot, find a way out of the ship to explore the planet for supplies and finally escape.

Move or die

An interactive adventure game where you have to choose the action your character takes from a selection.

The Quest



This is a java based MMORPG where you learn how to build a fire, make bread, kill giant rats and mine for gold. Playing the tutorial game is rather like TPR (total physical response) in a virtual world. Lesson plan. Student material. Spanish dictionary Forum

Stop Disasters


Strategy game where you have to help a local population prepare for a natural disaster. Choose between a Tsunami, a hurricane, a wild fire, an earthquake and a flood. Forum

Follow clues to find the treasure. Excellent for listening and reading skills. Forum

The Trial

A crime "negotiation" game where you play the various characters in a complex crime storyline. Adult themes.

Trick or treat

Trick or Treat your way through a 3D Halloween world solving puzzles.