When my learners are at an intermediate level or higher I like to introduce the topic of computer games at the beginning of a class. I do this by dictating questions in chunks. These questions are intended to encourage communication between learners during a lesser controlled stage of the class. The chunking of the language is intended to provide authentic connected speech elements in easy to handle chunks. Below are some of the questions I dictate with the chunks marked with a '/'.

What games/ have you got/ on your mobile?
How do you/ play them?
How often do you/ play them?
Where do you/ play them?
Are they/ any good?

Have you got a/ games console/ at home?
What games/ have you got/ for it?
What type of games/ do you like/ the most?
What game do you/ want to get/ next?

Do you ever play/ any online games?
What kind of/ games do you play?
When do you/ play them?
How much time/ do you spend/ playing on them?
What sort of games/ don't you like?

What differences are their/ in the games people play/ and how old they are?
To what extent/ are games addictive?
Are there any kind of games/ that are too violent?
Do you learn/ anything from playing/ any of these games?