• Pre-game task

Introduction to topic and task

Teacher presents and explores elements of the game. In presenting a walkthrough or task that focuses on useful words and/ or phrases these items can be highlighted. The students are orientated towards understanding the rules and requirements of the game. === === ===Crosswords=== ===Walkthroughs=== ===Screenshots===

Game task


Learners are engaged in the task. If the online game involves other online players in a communicative capacity (RPGs) learners may ‘play’ individually. Otherwise pair or small groups. The teacher’s role is to monitor and facilitate the use and acquisition of language. During this stage you may have chosen to set a task that takes them away from the computer. These may include: ===Walkthrough relay=== ===Note-taking=== ===Game dictionary=== ===Screenshot dictation=== ===Writing===

Post-game task



Learners report to the class on any difficulties they may have had and encourage others who have overcome these difficulties to provide input/ advice. ==Walkthrough==
Learners provide their own walkthrough (orally or in written form) to be used by other learners (within an academy or posted on the internet). ==Language focus==
Learners focus on a specific language feature of the text or from within the context of the game ==Writing==
Learners write a composition on a topic closely related to the a topic covered by the game. This activity is best with higher levels as the games best suited to this purpose tend to be quite text heavy. Learners should also be aware of the composition title before playing and should be prepared to take notes on useful language while playing the game. ===Topic based games.===