All work and no play

The authors of 'Digital Play' talk about the role of computer games in the English Language classroom.

8D World aims to teach English language through gaming

Using a virtual world called 'Wiz World' company hopes to teach game players to speak English.

10 Key Principles for Designing Video Games for Foreign Language Learning

by Ravi Purushotma, Steven L. Thorne and Julian Wheatley.


Website dedicated to gamers who are blind or are vision-impaired.

Computer game advantages

Researchers are finding that computer games can actually be tweaked to treat a variety of disorders and disabilities.

Computer games and realising their learning potential
Article by Karl Royle from Wolverhampton University on use of computer games in education.

Computer Games make Maths fun

Online Guardian article on how computer games are transforming the traditionally stuffy subject of maths into a relevant and engaging activity.

Communicative 2.0

Remix culture - video games and modding. Articles and links on the role of video games and education.

Cultural differences in gamers

This blog article identifies differences between gamers tastes in the US and Japan.

The Digital natives are restless

Games and Gaming, Learners, Learning, Net Generation Learner, Teaching. The growing use of games in learning may signal a new pedagogical approach to educating the millennial generation.


Wikispace dedicated to digital gaming and language learning.

Exploiting Computer-Based Simulations for Language-Learning Purposes

Article on how computer-based simulations can be best exploited for language learning purposes.

From Joystick to Diploma

Sites for Online Educational Video Games.


Using World of warcraft as a platform to teach English. The history of computer RPGs.

UIUC Gaming Initiative - Gaming Literature

Gaming Literature: journals, magazines, and books

Computer games as a part of children's culture

Article and research by Johannes Fromme

Games will Eclipse other media

BBC news report on how gaming will surpass films and music as an entertainment medium.

GlobalEnglish kids

A pedagogy article on an online program for teaching children English as a foreign language.

Guardian on Gaming

A selection of Guardian articles on gaming including; how not playing them may be harmful to kids; How they help children to learn; From killing to kissing - a change in gaming direction; gaming - a literary genre.

How the military are improving their language education

A video game has been designed for use by military forces to raise awareness of cultural, linguistical and social barriers that exist in other countries.

IT Conversations

Listen to Dr. Henry Jenkins explains how he thinks video games will revolutionize education.

James Paul Gee

Shows the world the importance of video games

Language learning through computer adventure games

This article is concerned with the use of computer adventure games for the development of communicative fluency in language learners.

Language Learning via video gaming

How the forces are using field simulations to train their troops in languages.

MMORGs and the future of education

A teacher education course that uses MMORGs as an educational environment and a bridge for future education.

Using a virtual world for transferable skills in gaming education

Gaming education in virtual worlds by M. Hobbs, E. Brown and M. Gordon.

Materials design for Virtual Worlds

Tips for language learning materials design in Second Life.

NOT playing computer games is harmful to children

Guardian article looks at how looking at gaming as harmful may be just a matter of perspective. Interrupted when reading a book and you're grouchy means you are engrossed. Why then if it's a computer game do we see it as something to worry about?

Serious Games

Serious games (SGs) or persuasive games are computer and video games used as persuasion technology or educational technology.

The Significance of Video and Computer Games

Article on some of the beneficial elements of commercially successful video games.

Teachers' perceptions of video games

Article from innovate, an online journal exploring the theoretical and practical implications of a distinctive mode of instruction known as "ee-learning".

Teaching with games

Teaching with Games was a year-long project investigating the place of mainstream commercial computer games in the classroom.


Article by Larry Ferlazzo on how free online games develop ESL student's language skills.

The World's Rarest Games

A list of games that fell under the auction hammer along with the prices they fetched.


A site dedicated to digital game based learning.

Unlocking Learning through video and games with clasemovil

Fun learning community being set up in Latin America for K-12th graders.

USA Today

Statistical analysis on studies of video gaming and violence produces a mixed reaction.

Using computer games to teach writing

Article offering practical guidance on the use of computer games to stimulate writing

Using Virtual World For Transferable Skills in Gaming Education

Using A Virtual World For Transferable Skills in. Gaming Education. M. Hobbs, E. Brown, M. Gordon

Video games are good for children - EU report

Recent EU report findings urge state schools to adopt more computer games in the classroom.

Video games degrees: 95% fail to hit skills target

Guardian newspaper article on how degree courses in video gaming at British universities leave graduates unfit to work in the industry. For more Guardian articles on gaming click here.

Video games can make better students, surgeons

Research shows video games lead to fewer mistakes on the operating table

Video games do no harm to children

Will Wright, the man behind the world's bestselling computer game, The Sims, said he believes that fears over the negative influence of video games are merely symptoms of a generation gap.

Video games good for kids

June 30, 2009 - A new report published by the Joan Ganz Clooney Center at Sesame Workshop discusses the potentially positive effects of video games in educating children and promoting their physical well-being.

Video games in Education

Articles & research, gaming sites,tools & software and gaming related books.

Video games make for better decision making

Claim by a new report that gaming teaches decision making skills.

Video games, new teaching

How the future of teaching may lie in video games.

Video games now outperform hollywood movies
Article in the Guardian looking at and comparing sales figures and production work on both medias

Video games stimulate learning

BBC news article. Site also contains articles entitled 'video games valid learning tool' and 'kids zapped by game bug'.

Video games 'teach more than school'

Violent video games are more educational than school, stimulating children to be more critical, constructive and reflective than conventional classroom teaching, says one of the world's leading educational experts.

**Violent Video Games: Myths, Facts, and Unanswered Questions**
Craig A. Anderson, Professor and Chair of the Department of Psychology at Iowa state University, walks us through 11 myths surrounding video games and violence.

Virtual classrooms in foreign language learning - MOOs as rich learning environments

RTF] Major Article 2 L Legenhausen, M K├Âtter - ... that MOOs can play in cultural studies and the ... "Brave new (virtual) world: Transforming language learning into cltural sudies through oline learning ...

Virtual Game to Teach Children

The star video game developer behind Age of Empires has turned his gaming talents to something new: teaching children languages.

Webheads in action

Looking at a range of computer games that can be used for language learning, both inside the classroom and out.

Will online distribution overtake the boxed game?

This Guardian article looks at the reasons why very soon online gaming will superceed the games you buy in the shops.

Why are video games good for learning?

Article by James Paul Gee.

Why video games are good for kids
Best Health Magazine article that argues that far from unhealthy the use of video games to help kids learn is very beneficial.

World of warcraft as a platform for foreign language learning
Do you play on a World of warcraft realm which doesn't speak your mother tongue? Do you enjoy playing with people from other cultures and countries? Has it inspired you to take up learning a second or third language?